Sunday, August 28, 2011

when refrigerators die

Many weeks ago, Ana and I put in a request to our landlady for a refrigerator with a freezer. The puny ice box in our current one just wasn't cutting it; our ice cream always turned to mush! Our landlady loves us, so she got right to work ordering a fridge with a separate freezer that would fit in our tiny apartment. The first new fridge they tried to wedge in here was 1 inch too wide. The second fridge 8 inches too wide. The third fridge was just right. Finally, a freezer!

But the troubles weren't over. About 6 hours after plugging in our perfect new refrigerator, it crapped out! We called the landlady right away, but she wasn't able to come up with any immediate solutions. After 24 hours with no cooling action, our leftovers and dairy were a total loss.
Here you see the first wave of food carnage. After the loss of my precious cheese and deli meats, I decided to be a bit more proactive. Ice block time! Produce drawers filled with ice became make shift motors, saving the last of the condiments and preserved foods. It's actually pretty cold in there now!

Unfortunately, lack of air circulation meant that anything not stored in a glass container was contaminated with new plastic smell. Goodbye, produce.
Ironically, it's business as usual for the built-in ice box. The racks are all gone and the plumbing to the drain was removed years ago, so I just use it to store liquor and wine. Nothing expired in there!

Friday, August 26, 2011

farewell to the happy couple

Surprise Party! Caitlin and Chris had to move to Pullman so Caitlin could continue on her journey to become a vet at WSU. As is often the case with moving, much was left to the last minute, Chris and Caitlin was a wee bit stressed. What better relief than to be surprised with a going away party? They had no idea! All of their favorite people gathered at Sara's place, some from over 200 miles away (myself), to wish them love and good luck, and of coarse, feed them lots of alcohol! After the party, Emily, Sara, and I stuck around to help them finish packing their moving truck. We <3 you Caitlin and Chris!