Monday, May 24, 2010

wine glasses

Getting close, and not a moment too soon. My senior show's in a week and a half. This first photo is for the shows take home cards.

Here's my set of picnic glasses. Only the white wine glass is fully painted, but it's also broken... I'll be fixing it in the next few days.

Here are my aluminum and crystal glasses. The champagne glass is the only one that's been polished, and it's not finished quite yet. The other two have a ways to go.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

metal, package, picnic

A little update on the wine glass project! My three stems are back from C-Cast foundry. They're reeeeeeeeally roughm it's going to take all the free time I have in the world to get them ready for the show on the 3rd. Still totally do-able.

I've been working on some packaging concepts as well. These too are really rough, but I like the way they're looking. I'm planning a variation of the one with the window in frosted translucent plastic - that way you can see a silhouette of the glass through the package. Very sexy, yes?

I've also decided to change up the color scheme on my set of picnic glasses. The design is already so feminine, the coral pink color was just a little too much. The new color concept is still coral inspired, just more approachable. I'll create a soft gradient from clear plastic at the top to a luscious light orange at the base (color swatch on the lower right). Beneath the orange is an opaque layer of dove white, so when you look into your glass, you see the color of the wine, instead of orange.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

portfolios and cards

I'm in the process of making a custom portfolio case for myself. I've got most of the hardware, but I haven't quite decided on the cover material yet. My portfolio has a teal accent color running throughout it, so I want to incorporate that into the cover.

Lucky for me, my classmate, Justin Lund, makes regular trips to Tap Plastic in Seattle; and he grabbed a couple of acrylic samples for me. They're amazing! The opaque one is a perfect match to my portfolio. The translucent one is tinted the same shade of teal and is frosted on one side. I'm thinking I'll use the translucent acrylic as the front cover and the opaque acrylic on the back. I'm very excited.

I've also been working with my brilliant graphic designer of a boyfriend, Riley, to design a sleek business card. The information section will probably change, but here's what I've got so far: